24 Nov

Many stories to share. One goal to reach

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Mrs. Trinh – a vegetarian who cooks as a way of practicing Buddhism, putting love and passion into every dish. She makes everything from scratch including tofu – the time, effort and experience really shows in every bite. Despite a fulltime job at a snail shop, on her free day, she manages to food-shop the ingredients, prepare the soja bean for the making of tofu, gather the positive energy, and put it all in each and every single dish.

Mrs. Nhung – specialized in all the complicated seasoning savory dishes thanks to her Huế origins, like the roasted chicken marinated in honey or chicken curry. She loves cooking so much that even working as a cook for a big Vietnamese restaurant, she agrees to work with VIBO where we always appreciate her fine cooking skills and her secret recipes. We hope that VIBO can soon be her stable source of income.

Mrs. Quyên – specialised in Northern style cooking, she used to have a restaurant in the 11e but recently gave up on it to have more time for her 6 year-old daughter. She is now doing many freelance jobs to have flexibility and extra income. VIBO is one of them, she told us “not to worry if you only have one or two orders, I would cook for you anyway because I enjoy cooking very much and also cook for my family, the kids love these dishes”.

And Hiền – recently discovered the joy of coooking and the pride on Vietnamese dishes. She works as a nanny and also as cook, saleswoman and delivery woman for VIBO, specialized in simple dishes but truly symbolic like fried rice and sticky rice. She is trying to make VIBO her challenging but joyful career while having fun discovering and sharing the knowledge of fine Vietnamese cuisine to her guests.

There are still other housewives stories out there, who one way or another are passionate about cooking, spend time in the kitchen but also struggle to turn this passion into a stable income, to be shared.


They are also the representatives of Vietnamese cuisine outside of Vietnam, who hold dearly the tradition, the true taste, the real Vietnam.


And there is VIBO, to share these Many stories and with One goal to reach: bringing Vietnam closer to the world.


Thank you for reading. Stay warm and stay dry.

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