24 Nov

Dưa giá – Vietnamese pickles of beansprouts, carrots and chives

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Hi everyone, I hope you got to enjoy the nice weather before the temperature dropped this week. However, dont worry because the sun will come back just like VIBO will come every Wednesday and Thursday to “fuel your day” 

Today, I am going to share with you a side dish which is loved by many of those ordered the camarelized braised porc and eggs: Dưa giá – Vietnamese pickles of beansprouts, carrots and chives.

Disclaimers: I am not professional cook, I started cooking not so long ago but when you live away from home and mom, you urge to cook, you cook the way mom does and you might end up cooking a lot therefore gaining a bit of experience here and there. I also have this special desire to share my hometown cooking cuisine to my international friends, it’s fastinating how each region use the same ingredients in a completely different ways or how different countries that are so far away from each other share the same mentality in cooking. That’s why I decided to write this journey down, as i, myself, am discovering more and more my own cuisine, to share with you! Some of the tips might do not even sound right to other Vietnameses but there is no right and wrong with cooking and there is no “fomular” in vietnamese cookings, please relax and have your own experience while discovering it with me.


– Beansprouts, carrots and chives

– Sugar, salt and water

– A big jar/ container can close well.

Preparation: 10’ -15’ depending on your speed

Fermented time: 24-48 hours depending on the temperature, the hotter the faster it progresses.


– Clean all the vegetables very well and rinse off, especially the beansprouts

– Slide the carrots in long thin pieces, cut the shives in 3-4cm length.

– Boil a mixture of 1 liter of water – 1 table spoon of salt – 2 table spoon of sugar. You can adjust the amount of water depending of how much vegetables you have. The goal is to cover all the vegetable. Boil until all dissolved, then let cool completely, this is very important because if not, the hot/warm water will cook the beansprouts.

– Once the mixture is ready, pour them over the vegetables in the jar/ container like in th picture.


– Leave the jar in room temperature. If it’s more than 23-24 degree, you can start see some small bubbles after 24 hours, it’s the sign of good fermentation in progress, feel free to taste them to see if you like the sourness.

– Little note: once you found the right sourness, you can remove them from the water mixture and store in the fridge, otherwise, the fermentation will continue and the vegetable will get too sour.

Dưa giá is perfect side dish to not only vietnamese food but any others which go well with western pickle (cucumber). Chives is a special veggie which according to my mom, very healthy for hot summer – light and fresh. Please share with me if you tried and found a perfect match.

There you are, another super easy receipe.

Chúc ngon miệng (Bon appetit)

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